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Support Continuity

Scale your admin needs with a managed virtual assistant service that ensures consistently strong and proactive support to power success. Our consultative approach means your assistant(s) will make you and your team more productive without the need to manage another employee.

Get executive, sales, operations, and other virtual assistant services for: Individuals, Teams & Organizations, Enterprise Teams

Quickly Enhance Productivity

Quickly Enhance Productivity

We efficiently analyze your workflow and draw upon our near-endless catalog of best practices to proactively outline what work we can perform on your behalf.

Along with your assistant, you’ll be paired with one of our Engagement Managers who acts as your productivity thought leader, giving you guidance on how to best delegate your tasks. Every conversation with us is a powerful productivity pit stop that helps you fine-tune your efficiency to leave you more at ease and better focused.

Leave the Training & Management to Us

Each Prialto Assistant is provided with weeks of up-front training on top of their existing education. And it does not stop there: They are supported with a deep bench of experienced Prialto people, tools and processes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how we “just get it” without your need to waste extra time with training and management.

Never Start Over Again

All of your work is cross-trained among a team of people and everything is consistently documented, even as your tools change and processes evolve.

If your Prialto assistant is temporarily out for vacation, is promoted, or leaves, the transition is seamlessly managed by us. A Prialto assistant with existing knowledge is there to step in and our team of managers makes sure your Prialto support stays intact.

Admin, sales, and operational support that’s fully managed and constantly supported

Sales Support

Reach and engage with new prospects. A Prialto virtual sales assistant can research, create viable lists, maintain your CRM, and help you manage campaigns and opportunities.

Time Management

Keep your calendar on track. Your Prialto assistant will schedule meetings at optimal times and coordinate calls among multiple members, in multiple time zones.

Workflow Management

Stay on top of appointments and tasks with reminders and updates from your proactive assistant. You chart your destiny, we do what it takes to keep your path intact.

Calendar Management

We coordinate the schedules of multiple executives and stakeholders, addressing the details that make life easier.

Task Management

We help teams stay on top of all key projects. From setting reminders to organizing work flow, Prialto assistants keep the important tasks on track.

Time Management

Keep your calendar on track. Your Prialto assistant will schedule meetings at optimal times and coordinate calls among multiple members, in multiple time zones.

Expense Management

Expect timely, accurate data. Teams with Prialto assistants always get their expense reports in on time.

CRM Management

Get results from data management, research and reporting. In addition to day-to-day CRM management for sales teams, we also do data maintenance projects, reviewing and updating your data for extremely accurate reporting.

Relationship Management

Prialto assistants help executives stay top of mind with their networks. We provide professional networking support, from managing LinkedIn requests to setting up meetings.


We enforce organizational best practices that help your enterprise boost efficiencies and maintain integrity. We also help get everything up to code with processes and manpower that tackle the boring but necessary tasks.

VP of Sales & Sales Ops

Help your top producers spend more time on sales, not paperwork.

Dir of Admin & Chief of Staff

Give your executives core support and keep them in their genius zone.

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